Digital Signs

Rivermeade brings all its manufacturing experience to its range of Digital Signs and Electronic Signs. These are not simply screens fixed on the wall but a dedicated digital sign in a high quality wall mounted or free-standing housing. The housing is designed specially for your environment and is made in glass, steel, wood – whatever material is most suitable for your project.

Rivermeade manufactures its digital sign range in-house from components sourced worldwide for their suitability alondside VideoSign Software

Electronic Signs

PrintSign is simple to use, extremely robust and designed to show static images on an electronic sign. Ideal for a hotel function board, meeting rooms, menu displays or welcome boards. No software other than a dedicated PrintSign driver is required.

VideoSign Software is an advanced software package which offers virtually unlimited control over the content of multi screen installations. Designed for public buildings, large conference centres and multi site applications. We know of no more advanced software control package which remains straightforward to operate for the requirements of your digital signs and electronic signs.

RoomSign a 6" or 12" digital sign with the option of touch screen functionality designed to be used outside a meeting room.  

Smart Sign Server links a RoomSign into your room booking system.

Sign Adapter allows an existing screen to be controlled using PrintSign. 

Please contact Rivermeade to arrange a demonstration of our digital signs and electronic signs, an explanation of the efficient VideoSign Software used and to discuss your specific requirements.