This is the simplest way to operate a digital sign and requires virtually no training.

  • The user creates a document formatted to the correct screen size using the Word or Powerpoint templates we provide
  • When the document is finished the user goes to print in the usual way but instead of choosing the name of a printer chooses the name of a sign. The image is immediately displayed on the sign and stored in the sign’s memory
  • Many images can be stored in the sign’s memory and are displayed page by page
  • At the time of printing a range of scheduling and transition options are available 
  • When the image has been sent to the sign no further connection is required between the sign and the PC. If the sign is switched off the images and scheduling information remain in the memory until deleted or replaced
  • Any number of signs using PrintSign can be installed over a network
  • Signs are best hard wired but we can provide a wi-fi connection if required
  • A batch printing facility is offered as an inexpensive extra.

In most ways PrintSign behaves like an HP Laserjet printer. The installation requirements are virtually identical.

PrintSign is robust and simple to use and for most of our customers provides all the functionality that is required.

Typical use of PrintSign includes:

  • Hotels - events, promotions, notices
  • Offices - welcoming visitors, staff announcements
  • Restaurants - menus, promotions
  • Museums & galleries - special exhibitions notices
  • Schools & colleges - timetables, notices
  • Hospitals - wayfinding, announcements, notices


Do I need to install any special software on my PC?
No. PrintSign requires no special software to create information – you just use whatever application you are familiar with. As with a conventional printer you install a simple “driver” to let your PC connect to a sign over your network.

So I can use whatever application I want to create a display?
Yes. We supply templates for both Word and PowerPoint configured to our standard screen sizes and it is very simple to create additional templates for other applications.

What happens if I print more than one page?
The sign simply displays each page one after another as a slide show. You can control how fast this happens when you print your document. You can also choose from a library of slide transition to make the presentation more interesting.

How many pages can a PrintSign hold in memory?
PrintSign can print very many depending on how much information is on each page. Large colour images are memory hungry.

Can I print something now and have it displayed later?
Yes PrintSign has a full scheduling capability. As you print you can tell the sign whether to display it now or at some later time. You can even set up repeats – programming a particular image to be displayed every lunchtime, for example.

Do I need a separate PC to drive the display?
No. PrintSign operates entirely independently of your PC. You use your existing PC to create information and print it to the sign. The sign then displays the information continually and your PC is immediately free to do other things.

Can I have more than one sign?
Yes, with PrintSign you can have as many signs on your network as you need. You can control them all from one central PC or from many PCs on your network - all you need is an installed Printsign driver.

Can I remove the sign from the network after I’ve printed to it?
Yes, with PrintSign you can disconnect your sign from the network and even move it at any time. The sign automatically remembers what was sent to it before it was turned off and displays it again when you turn it on - this makes it ideal for temporary or moveable signage.

Can I operate a PrintSign remotely?
Yes, the PrintSign display sits on your network like a printer. You can control it from anywhere on your network.