VideoSign is an advanced suite of software applications which offers virtually unlimited control over the sign content of multi-screen installations.

  • The Composer application is the heart of the system and is used to design and schedule the presentation. Composer combines elements of different design applications including DTP, webdesign, PowerPoint and sophisticated scheduling controls that allows unlimited control over the videosign content. 
  • Composer allows you to create your presentations by adding different objects and effects using drag and drop. Objects can be of almost any type including video, images, text and web.
  • VideoSign is designed for public buildings, large conference centres and multi-site applications. We know of no more advanced software control package which remains so straightforward to operate. 
  • Digital media - you can use almost all modern digital media formats in combination with video effects to create stunning presentations that attract viewer attention and increase information awareness. 
  • Output is of broadcast quality and can be displayed on any type of device, such as Plasma, LCD or LED screens, digital projectors or in a TV studio environment.
  • VideoSign can control signs over a LAN or through a FTP site. Mobile communication technology such as GPRS, WLAN or 3G enables mobile players to be used in buses, taxis or boats.