Classic Signs

The System 

The Classic Sign System is manufactured from highly toleranced aluminium extrusions which fit together using a system of interlocking dovetails. When assembled a Classic signs is only 6mm thick with no visible fixing or frame. The Classic Sign System is both elegant and functional and is particularly suited for use in high quality projects including corporate offices, public buildings and hospitals.

The Classic Signs System comprises profiles from 10mm to 150mm. Profiles are finished to the highest architectural standards and stove enamelled to match any RAL, BS or Pantone colour reference. Text and graphics are silkscreen printed.

With no side track or back panel there are no size restrictions to a Classic sign which can be extended or shortened at any time. The sign can be single or double sided, wall mounted, suspended, freestanding or projecting. A concealed device locks the profiles together and prevents tampering but allows changes to be made easily. Maintenance is minimal.

The Concept

Each Classic signs is formed by interlocking two or more dovetailed extrusions which are secured in place by a hidden locking device.

Classic panels are offered in a range of sizes from 10mm to 150mm high with additional extrusions for slider panels, top and bottom finishing profiles, decorative profiles as well as profiles for alternative applications such as desktop and rod mounting. Classic profiles are also available for holding paper inserts and glass panels.