SignEdge is a set of high quality, bespoke extruded aluminium sections which can be assembled to form robust structures such as monoliths, post and panel signs, suspended signs, projecting signs and wall mounted panels. The result is a neat and elegant signage solution for corporate identity and wayfinding applications.

Profiles are finished to the highest architectural standards and stove enamelled to match any RAL, BS or Pantone colour reference. Text and graphics are silkscreen printed or face applied vinyl to form bespoke high quality SignEdge Signs.

SignEdge can be used for internal and external applications - the range of extrusions give a family of signs a consistent look. Signs manufactured using SignEdge extrusions are quick to produce, cost effective and robust.

  • SignEdge extrusions can be used to create post and panel signs, monoliths, suspended, projecting and wall mounted signs, which would give any bespoke family of signs a uniform look
  • SignEdge extrusions can be used for internal and external applications
  • SignEdge extrusions are in available in 4 different sizes which give a range of panel depths
  • SignEdge panels and posts have crisp clean edges without any extrusion marks and detailing
  • SignEdge products have no visible fixings and do not have to have a slots or grooves which can look ugly
  • SignEdge does not use plastic parts which are a point of weakness.