Fwdesign Signs

Fwdesign is a consultancy that specialises in wayfinding, information graphics and product Fwdesign to create spaces that are imaginatively branded and are easy and intuitive to navigate. As experts they are ideally positioned to create their own range of Fwdesign  Custom Sign products based around the principles of best practice, quality designed, cost effective, solutions they call fwd product. Rivermeade is delighted to have become a licensed manufacturer of Fwdesign Sign products.

Because the products are already designed, developed and tested, we can give you accurate upfront costs and have your Wayfinding and Fwdesign Sign products in the ground within very short lead times.


Whatever your environment - town centre, college campus, retail development, exhibition venue, green space - Fwdesign Frank meets all your needs. Custom Signs, Product formats and sizes can be adapted to suit and if there's something you need that you can't see here, then we'll Fwdesign and develop it for you.

Frank's standard specification comprises a 316 grade stainless steel frame with a shot-peened finish, an open plinth, and toughened low iron glass information panels with reverse applied vinyl graphics. However, he can be dressed and accessorised according to your branding and environmental needs, by customising all materials and finishes and adding Custom Designed infilled plinths, finials and cover plates.


Jack's family tree evolves from his hardy big brother frank, the original member of the fwd product family. He has grown up in the midst of a recession and knows how to find the best deals and keep within budget, whilst also being aware of the desire and necessity for quality.

His standard specification comprises a mild steel T section frame, hot zinc sprayed and polyester powder coat painted, a toughened low iron glass information panel with a digitally printed, reverse applied vinyl graphic providing updateable information with high levels of durability. Masked and spray painted locator name applied to the frame. 


Mark has grown up within the Fwdesign frank family and is now branching out as a standalone system in his own right. A totally new and innovative approach to route marking and discovery, mark provides reassurance at a glance that you are on the correct trail and encourages wider discovery for those who wish to investigate an area further.

Fabricated in 316 stainless steel with a shot-peened finish, mark is extremely flexible in the way he carries information with vitreous enamel top cap and double-sided infill panel options. A low voltage LED lighting module offers feature illumination, ideal in defined areas that are frequently used at night.


Kara is a brand new innovative Fwdesign signs system designed to bring a quality specification to high street statutory signage at a cost effective price.

A post mounted Fwdesign sign system designed to quickly and easily fit around existing posts or lamp posts of any size using standard Signfix clamping fixings.

A small number of standard system components deliver a range of different sign configurations offering a breadth of flexibility and versatility of application. 

Product information 

An overview of fwd products is available to download. For specific product information and spec sheets please give us a call.