Support Services

In addition to the manufacture and installation of signs Rivermeade offers support services to specifiers and customers:

Specification advice

At any time during the sign development process we are happy to give advice on materials, manufacturing specifications and functionality. Early advice can dramatically reduce development time and avoid budget surprises.

Design development

We will work closely with you to develop your design intent into a fully working specification. We will make suggestions, propose solutions and show material samples to enable functional and affordable decisions to be made. Many designers rely on Rivermeade’s experience in this area.

3D constructional drawings

Our studio is able to produce engineering drawings of the most complex sign structures and components using an advanced 3D modelling package.


Indicative and final budgets can be produced at any time throughout the development process.


Samples and prototypes

We will produce small sectional samples of signs or finished prototypes for evaluation as required.

Project management

Rivermeade is successful in great part because of our ability to project manage the most complex and demanding sign projects. We have unrivalled experience in this area.


We offer a complete wayfinding consultancy service based on digitally marked plans cross referenced to a database generated schedule. Please contact us for further details and sample deliverables.